New Testament Factsheet

A series of links to stories contained in the New Testament prepared by a Primary teacher in Cork. This page is aimed at Primary Religion.

Parable – The Good Samaritan
Contains a worksheet, quiz,  and colouring page.

The Garden of Gethsemane
Lesson plan which contains a discussion point, various activities such as colouring pages, quiz, anagrams and questions.

Jesus Heals Ten Lepers
Lesson plan with contains discussion ideas, crafts, colouring and a quiz.

Parables of Jesus
A great resource which lists the parables of Jesus.  These stories can be read online.

The New Testament for Junior Classes
Contains lovely illustrated storybooks with Jesus and the blind man, The Good Samaritan and the Lost Sheep. Includes sound.
Zacchaeus Up a Tree!  
Children can read the story of Zacchaeus up a tree. Contains lovely illustrations.

The Story of Christmas
Children can read the story of Christmas.  Contains lovely illustrations.

New Testament
This multiple choice quiz contains 10 questions from the New Testament. 

The New Testament for Children
This site contains a comprehensive list of stories from the Old Testament which can be printed.

New Testament Story Lessons with Worksheets
An excellent site which links to comprehensive pdf documents.  These contains loads of activities for New Testament Stories.

Bible Crafts   
Get great ideas with this site to help you integrate crafts with religion.

Bible Word Search and Crossword Puzzles 
There's an abundance of excellent puzzles on this site from the New Testament.