Junior Cycle English: Functional Writing:The Writer's Inkwell

The Writer's Inkwell

Develop your writing skills on a functional and creative level.  Learn how to write letters, short stories and speeches.  Test your knowledge of the novel, Goodnight Mister Tom, in an interactive quiz.

Functional Writing - General
Letter Writer Generator
Learn how to write your own letters on this interactive site.

Oxford Better Letter Writing Tips
Get expert tips on how to improve your letter writing skills.

Formal and Informal Letters
Gives suggestions for writing letters with great ideas on structure and content.

Great Speeches in Motion
Watch and listen to great speeches of the last half century including President Kennedy's inaugural speech.

How to Write an Engaging Speech
Learn how to write and deliver your speeches while getting tips from the pros.

How to Write a Book Review
Enjoy the chance to 'write with writers'.

Short Story Writing

What Makes a Good Short Story?
Interact with the short story, 'A Jury of Her Peers'. 
How to Write a Short Story?
Get ten top tips on how to write a short story.

The Pyramid Plot Approach to Short Story Writing
Learn to use the pyramid plot approach to plan your short stories.

Novel in Focus

Goodnight Mister Tom Quiz
An interactive quiz based on key events in the novel.

Character Analysis Worksheets
Analyse the characters of Willie and Tom using these worksheets. (Teacher's Resource)