What can post primary schools do for Safer Internet Day?
Q. What can post primary schools do for Safer Internet Day?
A. Here’s an e-Safety fun-day suggestion for non exam classes that could be put in place before February mid-term to help encourage your students to be aware of their online safety.  The day could be led by a 5th Year or Transition Year Class and involve 1st, 2nd TY and 5th year classes.

Enabling our students to communicate, collaborate and connect safely with others over the Internet and when using electronic networks is our aim.  We need to empower and educate students to reflect on their own ICT use and their online safety.  This is also a theme of Safer Internet Day.  Tuesday 10th February 2009 will be celebrated as Safer Internet Day (SID) in over 60 countries around the globe and your school can become involved by celebrating an e-Safety Fun Day one day between now and mid-term break.  

The Sample Fun Day Timetable below has two or more ideas for the different subject areas suggested. Any of the class activities could be adapted for different age groups or other subject areas, e.g. RE, Irish, Science…

Planning for the Day
Some prior planning before the day could have 5th Years or Transition Year students create a morning assembly, perhaps choosing some music and writing reflections on themes around their online lives.  The group could assemble in the school hall or the Assembly could be broadcast over the school’s intercom.
Arranging mini competitions (Art, English, music, digital) would create a buzz in the school about the upcoming day and allow a display/exhibition of entries and winners to be another feature of the Fun Day.  Or a Fun ICT Table Quiz could be organised by the Transition Years / LCA or LCVP Class and a short prize giving ceremony could bring the day to a close.

The two main teaching resources used in the Sample Timetable are:

1.    Be Safe Be Webwise, a 13 lesson social networking education pack with teacher notes and glossary available online at Webwise.ie  or  http://www.webwise.ie/article.aspx?id=8664 (The SPHE department in the school may have a copy of the Resource Pack.) 

2.    Sign Up, Log In. Opt Out, a multi activity workbook for CSPE with activities on Big Brother, Social Networking Sites, Shopping Rights available online at Dataprotection.ie or http://www.dataprotection.ie/viewdoc.asp?m=t&fn=/documents/teens/CSPE.htm   (The CSPE department in the school may have a copy of the workbook.)

A Sample e-Safety Fun Day Timetable

Morning Assembly
TY or 5th year assembly - 20 minutes
Form class discuss themes and day's schedule - 20 minutes

Wii Fit competitions
Wii Dance/Circuit training
Celebrity Exercise DVDs/DsLite Yoga
DS Lite Brain Train
Fantasy Football Tables
Any of the 13 lessons from Be Safe Be Webwise
Debate: My online space is my private space
Any of the activites in Sign In...
CCTV: an invasion of privacy? e-Bulletin Board discussion
Business Studies
Data Profiling and Consumer Protection
Shopping Online - the pros and the cons
Ooops - email etiquette in business
Scoinet maps: Our area, in the past and the future
A famous explorer writes a blog entry
Script writing, story writing, drama, A life online?
Poetry/song writing /write a blog
Famous speeches online

Quiz/Prize Giving

ICT fun table quiz
Presentation & Award Ceremony



Lunchtime: e-Safety videos – Song performances – e-Safety Drama – Art Exhibition


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