Facts, activities and projects exploring the Stone Age aimed at Primary level History.


The Cave of Lascaux
Discover about Stone Age iconography.

Bru na Boinne
Learn about Ireland’s Stone Age monoliths.

Britannica: Stone Age
Good description. (Available through Schools Broadband.)

Show Me…Prehistoric Britain
Britain’s most famous monoliths.

Stone Age in Ireland
 Life in stone age Ireland.

101 Facts About Newgrange


The Neolithic Passage tombs of Bru na Boinne





Could You Have Survived The Ice Age
Test your skills.               

Human Evolution Activity
Looks at how our ancestors evolved.

The History of Fire
Stone age man’s discovery of fire. 

Stone Age Robot
Four minute cartoonmaps.

Survive the Stone Age
Preparing food, making shelter and communicating with others.


Stone Age Tool kit
Learn about stone age artefacts with this interactive quiz


Our Virtual Cave
A project by  6th. Class students.                     

Prehistoric Humans Projects
A project by a Californian Primary School.

Cave Painting
Try copying the style of cave painting in Art class.

Stone Age People 
10 question quiz.


The Stone Age
6 question quiz.


Stone Age Crossword
Crossword with solutions available..