This themepage includes information and activities on print and is aimed at primary level Visual Arts.


What is a print?
Interactive exhibition of the four main printing processes.

Johannes Gutenberg
Learn about the inventor of the Printing Press.

The History of Print
Learn about print processes through the ages.

The Bible
The first mass produced book was the Bible.

Britannica: How newspapers are printed
Learn about printing process. (Available through Schools Broadband)


 Britannica: Printing
The different types of printing. (Available through Schools Broadband.)














Artists who printed
A slideshow to look and respond to artists work.                    

Shaving Cream Marbling
An exciting lesson to marble paper.

Learn three methods of taking a monoprint.

Silk Screen Printing
A comprehensive lesson on this sophisticated technique.

Print Quiz 
A basic six question quiz for Senior pupils.


Complete with solution.







Styrofoam printing
A simple project to introduce pintmaking techniques.

A Dream as a theme
Print making a response to this stimulus.

Living Art
A cross-curricular project in a Dublin school.



Illustrating using comics
Project done by an English school to print a comic about conservation.



The Diamond Sutra
Read about the first dated printed book.