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 Ábhair Inseirbhíse
    Guide to Leaving Cert Exam
    Guide to RSR
    Guide to Documents-Based Study - NEW
    Document Question - Prescribed Topics
    USA LME 6 Case Study Resources
    LMI 5: Case Study Resources
    LME 5 - Case Study resources
    Guidelines for Teachers
    Focus On ...
    Sites of the Week
    Case Study - India
    Collection of links about the end of the Raj
    Weblinks-Northern Ireland
    Collection of useful sites for LMI 5
    Case Study - Katanga
    Websites about events in the Congo, 1960-5
    Case Study - Race Relations France
    Relevant links for the topic
    Primary Sources
    Irish Historic Maps
    Pre-famine Ordnance maps of Ireland.
    Learn About Archives
    Information about Archives For Teachers and Students.
    Census of Ireland 1911
    Very useful resource about life in 1911 Dublin.
    GAA Oral History Project
    Personalised accounts from individuals.
    Learn About Archives
    Information about Archives For Teachers and Students.
    Working with Evidence
    Document Analysis Worksheets
    For use with photographs, documents, cartoons, film etc

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    LC Syllabus
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    LC Guidelines for Teachers
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    State Examinations Commission
    Up-to-date exam information is available on the SEC website.
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