Site of the Week: 26 March 2012


Read or create your own storybooks using beautiful artwork. (Primary)

What is the site about?

Storybird is both a tool enabling the creation of online storybooks by the public and a repository for those books. It allows users to read, create and share books using original art provided by artists to fuel creativity and ideas.

Note: There is a commerical aspect to this site which appears in the section that allows you to create books. Creating and sharing books online is free but printing and artwork is not.

Scoilnet  does not endorse any commerical element of this site.


Why was it chosen as site of the week?

  • Stories are engaging, usually the output of collaborative student projects, highly visual and are inspired by beautiful artwork
  • They are sorted according to New and Noted, Featured Storybird, Best Storybird Challenges, Featured Authors and Rrecent Storybirds
  • There is a very helpful video tour explaining how to use the site
  • When creating stories this section of the site is easy to use and the final products are professional looking
  • There are ample tutorials, FAQ and help pages, a topic search bar, along with an email contact for tech support when creating stories.
How can it be used as an educational resource?

This site is excellent for engaging learners of all ages but extremely relevant at primary level.

It is ideal for colloraborative learning, individual learning, teacher led lessons for the following literacy based skills:
  • Comprehension
  • Creative writing
  • Collaborative writing
  • Shared reading
  • Vocabularly building
  • Spelling

Curriculum Mapping

Primary: English
Post Primary English: Junior Cycle

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