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The National Strategy on Education for Sustainable Development 2014 - 2020 highlights the need to integrate Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) in the curriculum from pre-school up to senior cycle. The National Strategy aims to ensure that education contributes to sustainable development by equipping learners with the relevant knowledge (the 'what'), the key dispositions and skills (the 'how') and the values (the 'why') that will motivate and empower them throughout their lives to become informed active citizens who take action for a more sustainable future.

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'The National Strategy calls on all of us as citizens, policy makers, academics to non-Governmental organisations, and by inclusive participation of young people, to come together to speak with one voice to build a platform for the future and make sustainable development a reality.' Minister O'Sullivan, 2015. 

A national forum on education for sustainable development welcomes many stakeholder representatives to raise awareness, review where we are and inform our future actions in this area. A Facebook group is coming soon where Education for Sustainable Development can be discussed all year round.
Take a look at the presentations from each of the forums held to date.

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Teachers can share ESD resources on Scoilnet using their Scoilnet account. When uploading resources to Scoilnet place the word 'ESD' or 'Education for Sustainable Development' in the keywords section of uploading your resource. Resources on Scoilnet can be refined by keyword, curriculum association, contributor, format, best rated and most viewed.
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UNESCO-Hamdan Prize for Teacher Development in the Field of Quality Education for Sustainable Development.

The UNESCO-Hamdan Prize for Teacher Development was created in 2008 to support the improvement of teaching and learning quality in achieving the Sustainable Development Goal 4 on Quality Education, which is one of UNESCO’s priorities. The prize aims to support, encourage and benefit those working to enhance the performance and effectiveness of teachers for quality education for all.  It will also serve to facilitate the global sharing and dissemination of outstanding practices related to teachers.  The objective of the Prize is in conformity with UNESCO’s policies and is related to the Programme of the Organisation in the field of education and teacher development. The prize money consists of US$300,000 to be divided equally among three winners ($100,000 each), paid directly by the Donor, and a certificate for each of the three Prize-winners
Each Government may endorse up to 5 nominees, through a national selection process.
Candidates nominated for the prize may be institutions, organisations or educational or research institutes.
Closing Date for receipt of national nominations:  24th September 2021
Further details on how to apply and a nomination form can be found at:

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World's Largest Lesson:
World’s Largest Lesson promotes use of the Sustainable Development Goals in learning so that children can contribute to a better future for all.

The event is taking place on 27th May at 10am

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