Anglo Irish Treaty Talks in London 1916 - 1922 | Adoption of the tricolour

A prayer vigil at Downing Street 1921
A prayer vigil at Downing Street 1921 from National Library of Ireland

This photo is from the National Library of Ireland collection and is dated Thursday, 14 July 1921 (at approximately 17:30), outside Downing Street as De Valera met Lloyd George, at the first of four meetings held between the two in July 1921.

Three women at the front have rosary beads, there is a small picture of the Sacred heart stitched on to the tricolour

To get further information on people's knowledge of the photograph, the staff at the National Library of Ireland asked for comments on their Flickr account

When de Valera, Barton and Mr. Art O’Brien arrived at Downing Street, “cheers were raised, Sinn Fein flags were displayed, and the crowd sang Irish airs”. As the meeting went on, a “large crowd of Irish sympathisers knelt in the rain at Whitehall, at the end of Downing Street, recited the rosary, and sang several hymns. Before the prayers started they sang “Ireland a Nation”. The reporter stated that the singing of Irish songs and the praying never ceased.

(The Irish Times, 15 July 1921, p5)

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