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TV programmes with a learning focus 09 -16 November



10 Things to Know About

RTÉ One   Monday, 20:30 - 21.00  

New series. Aoibhinn Ní Shúilleabháin, Kathriona Devereux and Jonathan McCrea examine more of the science behind a variety of topics, beginning with a look at the oceans. Kathriona meets Charise McKeon of the Geological Survey Ireland, who is using sonar-imaging technologies to map shipwrecks and help maintain, preserve and protect Ireland's maritime heritage.

Classroom Activity: INFOMAR is Irelands national marine mapping programme. They have made their resources available to Scoilnet and subject editors have developed curriculum-focused activities around these resources. Resources focus on the real map of Ireland, shipwrecks and navigation and the landscape of the seabed.

Growing Up Live

RTÉ One   Tuesday  19:00 - 20.00

New series. Angela Scanlon presents a live programme celebrating Science Week, which looks at the extraordinary development of humans from birth to death, from infancy to old age.

Classroom Activity: 

  • LCA students working on the Childcare and Community Care course could look at the pregnancy and child development worksheets. 
  • Science students could look at the reproduction, inheritance and genetic resources here
  • When an old lady died in a hospital, it appeared she had left nothing of value. The nurse, packing up her possessions, found the poem below. It so impressed the staff that copies were distributed to all the nurses in the hospital. English teachers could read this excellent poem called 'What do you see?' with their class.

What Are You Eating?

RTE One     Wednesday,  20.30 - 21:00

Philip Boucher-Hayes examines the food waste problem, challenging a family to reduce how much they throw away and road-testing meal kits. He also finds out how how Sunday's roast can be Monday's stock and hears about offal, now largely ignored, which was once the most fashionable meat to eat. Last in the series.

Classroom Activity: 
Explore the life cycle of food and plastic with your class using this teacher created sustainable development PowerPoint.


Thinking Outside The Box - Schrodinger in Ireland

RTE One  Friday, 19:30 - 20:00

In February 1943, Nobel Prize-winning physicist, then Director of Theoretical Physics at the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies, Erwin Schrödinger gave three public lectures entitled What Is Life? at Trinity College Dublin. As this documentary reveals, following their publication as a book of the same name the subsequent year, these lectures had a tremendous influence on the development of molecular biology.

Classroom Activity:
If you like this programme, you might also enjoy watching this video collection from the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting on the concepts of the photoelectric effect, Bohr's atomic model and Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle. Access here

Lessons to Accompany Clips from Programmes.

Scoilnet has collaborated with the RTÉ Archives to bring together a collection of resources that relate directly to the Irish Curriculum. The archives provide an array of primary sources which students can use to hone their skills such as working as a historian, analysing evidence and developing an understanding of change and continuity.

RTÉ has partnered with Junior Cycle for Teachers (JCT) to bring radio documentaries into the classrooms around Ireland. Targeted at 12-15yr olds, the aim of this partnership is to educate students in literacy skills - and encourage a critical ear to radio. Each radio documentary is accompanied by a worksheet to enable both students and teachers to analyse, discuss and utilise these radio documentaries.

The Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI) has partnered with RTÉ Learn to bring media into junior cycle  classrooms. The teacher resource guide supports the delivery of the new Junior Cycle English and Science curricula. The materials are based around the successful TV programme ‘Tommy Bowe’s Body Check’ which was produced by Indiepics.

RTÉ Radio na Gaeltachta (2015) six part series that focused on various areas of the Higher Level Irish language exam - the oral exam, poetry, prose pieces and descriptions of the pictures. 

Building Ireland was a TV series broadcast on RTÉ that explored how Ireland's great building and engineering achievements came to be, and their impact on the development of Irish towns and cities.

The makers of the series, Esras Films, have made 18 short video clips from the programmes available to Scoilnet and subject editors have developed curriculum-focused lessons around the clips.

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