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Welcome to the NUIG
Suite of Microbiology Videos

The National University of Ireland, Galway (NUIG) recently launched a suite of videos describing common laboratory methods used in microbiology teaching and research. The instructional videos, of ~5-8 mins in length, demonstrate a different laboratory technique in microbiology. Methods range from basic plate pouring and culturing, through microbiological and biochemical identification tests, to DNA and protein analysis techniques.

By watching these videos, students will get a better understanding of microbiology and the work of microbiologists.

Note: Standard laboratory safety precautions should be observed and care taken when carrying out activities in the classroom. All legal and health regulations must be adhered to in activities involving live and dead organisms. Before rearing and maintaining organisms, detailed information on the appropriate methods for the rearing and maintenance of the organisms must be studied. Source: LC Biology Syllabus, page 3.

Labeling of Agar Plates

Relevance: LC Biology, TY, JC Science
Demonstrate how to label your Petri dishes correctly when performing microbiological experiments.

Pouring Agar Plates

Relevance: LC Biology, TY
Watch this video to get an overview of how to pour agar plates using aseptic technique to prevent contamination.

Isolation of Single...

Relevance: TY
Describe how to perform a “3 way streak”. This is one of the most fundamental techniques that you should master as a microbiologist.

KOH String Test

Relevance: TY
Video Demonstration of Good Aseptic Technique

Describe how to perform a KOH string test. This test will help to determine if an organism is Gram positive or Gram negative.

Bacterial Smear...

Relevance: TY
Video Demonstration of Good Aseptic Technique

Describe how to perform a bacterial smear. This is a critical part of any bacterial staining technique.

Simple Bacterial Staining

Relevance: TY
Video Demonstration

Describe how to perform a simple stain. In order to study the morphology of bacteria, cells are stained with different dyes.

Gram Stain Technique

Relevance: TY
Video Demonstration

Describe how to perform
the most widely used
differential staining technique in microbiology:
the Gram stain.

Compound Microscope

Relevance: TY
Compare this Microscope to your School Microscope

Demonstrate how to use a compound light microscope to investigate the morphology of bacterial cells.

Serial Dilution of ...

Relevance: LC Biology, TY
Use a Chemical that Promotes Plant Growth instead of Bacteria

Describe how to perform a serial dilution of bacteria. The technique is used to estimate the number of colonies in a bacterial sample.

Enumeration of Bacteria...

Relevance: TY
Video Demonstration

Describe how to count the number of colonies arising from a spread plate technique.

Spread Plating of Bacteria

Relevance: TY
Video Demonstration

Describe how to perform a spread plate technique, a method used in microbiology laboratories.

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