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Maths in the Classroom
Teacher, Niall O'Connor, from Le Chéile Secondary School, demonstrates how he uses a flipped learning approach using ICT to differentiate and personalise learning in his Maths classroom.

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Inferential Statistics
Useful notes for teachers and students with questions and solutions on the normal distribution and the empirical rule.

PDST Maths team GeoGebra files on Leaving Certificate Constructions.

Matching Activity
Matching Activity Slides for Surjective, Injective and Bijective Functions

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School Closure -  PDST Daily Resources

The PDST Post-Primary Maths team has picked materials from which they think are most useful and have added in some videos and materials from other sites which may help you when planning for supporting your students in their learning. As teachers you're in the best place to judge which materials are most useful for your students and the design of activities around these resources.

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PDST Maths Team has shared resources covering numbers, geometry & trigonometry, algebra, functions, probability & statistics.

UCD Maths Support Centre created the following collection of resources for Leaving Certificate Mathematics students.

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CensusAtSchool is an online educational project that takes place every year with the aim of bringing statistics to life in the classroom. Schools take part voluntarily. Supervised by teachers, students use a variety of digital devices that are connected to the Internet to answer 30 questions about their lives and opinions. The data is then collated and made available for class exercises, so that students can see the real-life relevance of statistics.

Take Part in the 2020 Questionnaire    |   CSO Results   |   Resources

Teacher shared collections

Anne Gilleran created four lessons to help students investigate situations in which letters stand for quantities.

Coordinate Geometry
Three lessons to encourage students to investigate properties of points, lines and line segments in the co-ordinate plane.

Culan O'Meara has used GeoGebra to add a visual stimulus to the topic of Functions. Four collections within.

Aoife McDonnell created a lesson on the types of numbers. Supporting worksheets and videos available.

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