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Mini Basketball

Mini-Basketball and Physical Literacy

The current Government Sports Policy lists the components of Physical Literacy as fundamental motor skills (which includes fundamental sports skills), physical behaviour, physical fitness, and knowledge awareness & understanding.

Mini-Basketball cultivates and develops loco-motor skills and object control skills, running (forwards and backwards) hopping, jumping for height, dodging, side stepping, landing, balancing, catching, throwing, bouncing, striking with the hand (dribbling) all of which are recognised by the Professional Development Service for Teachers (PDST) as fundamental motor skills. The child also learns important team skills such as cooperation with teammates, awareness of the game situation, passing, creating and using space, and defending.

Furthermore, it is widely accepted that Mini-Basketball movement and game skills are very transferable to other sports. The programme complements the PE Curriculum and current thinking in developing physical literacy, and in contributing to the emotional, social and ethical development of children. It also aligns closely with the Government's current National Sport Policy.

Underpinning values of Primary Schools Mini-Basketball

 · Emphasis is placed on the importance of learning, playing and enjoyment

· A child-centred game suitable equally both for boys and girls.

· Is available for any child who shows an interest and commitment to learn and play.

· Most importantly, is not just for the elite player.

· All involved play for the same length of time.

· Teachers are empowered to deliver the programme in line with the underpinning values.

· The support of Basketball Ireland personnel is welcomed in supporting but not displacing teachers in line with Government Policy.

· Children are encouraged to understand and appreciate; playing, refereeing and table officiating, particularly in the Mini3x3 game.


1. Introduction to Mini Basketball

2. Extra Curricular Session

3. The Mini Basketball Game

4. The 3 on 3 Game

5. Some Restricted Games

6. Warm Up Activities

7. Ball Handling

8. Passing: Beginners

9. Passing: Advanced

10. Dribbling: Beginners

11. Dribbling: Advanced

12. Stop & Pivot

13. The Set Shot

14. The Lay Up

15. The Rebound Shot

16. Offense For Advanced

17. Defense For Advanced

18. Rebounding For Advanced

19. Mini Basketball Credits

20. Mini Basketball Refereeing



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