O’Sullivan at the GPO for the 25th anniversary 1941 | Adoption of Tricolour

The change to a Fianna fail administration in 1932 did not diminish the status of O‘Sullivan’s role in 1916.

O’Sullivan had been an opponent of de Valera and Fianna Fail, yet he was invited by Fianna Fail to the 25th anniversary celebration of the rising in 1941.

The tricolour over the G.P.O. was “lowered to half-mast” by O’Sullivan. At this stage, he was an ex-TD, and he was described as a survivor of the rising.

(Cork Examiner, 14 April 1941, p4)

Election Poster for Fine Gael

Fine Gael Poster with O'Sullivan running
Fine Gael Poster with O'Sullivan running

In Your Opinion

  1. Although Fianna Fail were political opponents of O’Sullivan, why, in your view, did they invite him to this ceremony?

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