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Coláiste Iognáid S.J.

Our Generation's Proclamations

Poblacht Na H Eireann
The Provisional Government of the Irish Republic to the People of Ireland A Force For The Future Proclamation For A New Generation

People Of Ireland, Muintir na hEireann, in the name of our current generation, our ancestors and future generations to come, we urge you, the citizens of Ireland, to stand tall and continue with heads held high and eyes to the future.

This year, we celebrate the 100th anniversary of the 1916 Easter Rising. We commemorate the sacrifices made by our ancestors who gave their lives for the freedom of all the future generations including both genders, all races and religions. This Rising marked the beginning of our struggle for independence and played a vital part in laying the foundation for future freedom. Without them, we would not dwell in the proud, democratic society that we live in today.

Since then, we have become a republic with our own government. We now claim Ireland as solely ours. We rule oursleves and ourselves only. In the past we have been divided because we refused to respect each other, today we unite and support our country together. In 1998 we signed the Good Friday Agreement which brought the necessary peace that ended our conflicts in Northern Ireland. We have remained a neutral and peaceful nation since becoming a Republic and we have joined the EU. This decision has undoubtedly benefitted our peace-loving country and will continue to do so into the far future.

We ask of you, our fellow citizens, to trust us and each other, to support our nation. We adamantly believe in equality for all, regardless of gender identity, age, mental or physical ability, religion, race or sexual orientation. We do not discrimate, instead we aspire to the fruition of happiness and hope.

We should be willing to broaden our horizons and solve the current problems of our region. Many issues such as climate change and the Syrian migrant crisis can be remidied but only through our unity. We may not be able to put an end to all of the world's problems but through hard work and thought, we can stand as an example to others and assist other nations and their people through methods of enlightenment and non-violent assistance.

We call to all who identify themselves as children of Ireland and we encourage you to come together. With all of our abilities we can guide our future generations. If we are able to keep a tenacious and unfaltering hold on these principles of peace and unity, we can change the world for the better and assist in the most important campaign of all, ensuring our very survival on this precious planet and keeping the human race alive.

Signed on behalf of Colaiste Iognaid:

Evan O'Riordan, Liam Divilly, Seán Tobin, Sarah Conneely, Mark Convery, 

Kaylem Belton King, Colm Tarpey, Kate McHugh, Saoirse O Rourke, Catherine Godfrey.

Signed on Behalf of Coláiste Iognáid S.J.

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The following people from our school community worked on producing our New Proclamation.

Transistion year students named on proclamation


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