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Our Generation's Proclamations

Poblacht Na H Eireann
The Provisional Government of the Irish Republic to the People of Ireland


We are proud to stand here today in 2016 and commemorate our Republic. We would like to thank the brave men and women of the 1916 Rising for creating this free and independent country in which we live today and express our deep gratitude to the past generations who sacrificed their lives and fought for our Freedom. 

Now 100 years on, we the students of Fingal Community College propose the following aspirations and hopes for next 100 years. 

We believe in equality for all, no matter the gender, age, race, creed or nationality. All the people of Ireland have a right to be happy, loved and cared for. We have a right to positive mental health and the right to seek help when we need it.

We believe that all men, women and children on the island of Ireland have the right to shelter. We must all work together to tackle homelessness as no human should be without shelter.

Every new born child should be provided with an equal chance to survive and strive. They should be supplied with the necessities needed to achieve this. We believe that all children regardless of ability, intellectual and physical, have a right to free education. All schools should promote fairness, courage and courtesy. 

Elderly people have the right to a comfortable and caring environment. It is the duty of our citizens to look after older generations and provide them with the care and medical facilities they require. 

The leaders of our country should actively strive to provide greater opportunity of employment for all citizens and the heartbreak of emigration should be no more. We will continue to keep the many Irish citizens living in different parts of the world in our thoughts and remind them that the door to our great country is always open for their return. 

Every living thing deserves respect. Cruelty and the mistreatment of animals should not be tolerated. All living things deserve love and care. 

All citizens should respect our beautiful environment. We must continue to reduce, reuse and recycle. Our government should ensure that we evolve with new sustainable energy strategies and limit levels of pollution on our island. 

We must welcome all people who make our country their home and give them equal voices, opportunities and respect. We must provide refuge to people who flee war-torn countries and help them to build better lives for themselves and their families. 

We are proud to be Irish and must work to promote our 'Irishness'. We should endeavour to protect our Irish language, keep traditions and culture alive and celebrate our love of Gaelic football, hurling, Irish dancing and music. Tír gan teanga, tír gan cultúr, tír gan anam!

Ireland has become a multi-cultural country, embracing all nationalities and religions. We hope that we can continue to live together in harmony. The determination of the Irish people, as well as the determination of those who have chosen Ireland as their new home, will help us achieve the goals we set for ourselves and Ireland as a whole. 

Our greatest hope is that we make the exceptionally brave men and women of 1916 marvellously proud and that we continue to move towards the Ireland they envisioned for us and for generations to come. 

Signed on Behalf of Fingal Community College
  • Matthew Sheridan
  • Simona Ausraite
  • Eve Mongey
  • Barry Laffey

Download an image of our New Proclamation Download


The following people from our school community worked on producing our New Proclamation.

Signed on behalf of the students of Fingal Community College

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