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Scoil Maelruain Junior

Our Generation's Proclamations

Poblacht Na H Eireann
The Provisional Government of the Irish Republic to the People of Ireland

We in Scoil Maelruain Junior proclaim to the people of Ireland, for the next 100 years, these things which are important to us and which we want for our nation.

We want clean water and clean air for our country.  We want less pollution and CO2 in the atmosphere.  We want people to use environmentally friendly transport – bus, luas, train, car pool, bicycles and their feet.  We should use more environmentally-friendly cars and run vehicles on organic fuel. We want to plant more trees so that we have more oxygen.  We should waste less and recycle more.  We should buy Fair Trade products to make sure everyone gets paid fairly.  We should create new, climate-friendly ways to produce electricity. We should do all of these things to help reduce climate change.

We want everyone to respect one another.  Everyone should feel safe and unafraid.  We want fair pay for everyone.  Everyone should be treated equally.  We should try to make sure that we are all happy and healthy.  We should stop being cruel to animals and make sure animals are treated fairly too.  We should have shelters for endangered animals. 

We want everyone to have a home to live in and a family to love them.  Homeless people should have a home.  We should donate more money to charities to help poor people.  Everyone should have somebody to play with.  We should look after our elderly and give them as much help as they need. 

Everybody should have enough food.  We should grow our own food. The food should have less sugar in it so we can all be healthier.  Everybody that needs medicine should be able to get it.  We should help create new cures for illnesses. 

We should keep learning and speaking our Irish language.  Gaeilge should be promoted for those who do not know or speak it regularly. Everyone should be able to play our Irish sports – hurling, camogie, handball and Gaelic football.  We should listen to Irish music, sing Irish songs and dance traditional Irish dances.

Everyone should have the right to do what they want to do.  Everybody should have freedom of choice and beliefs and should be able to choose to do what makes them happy. 


Signed on Behalf of Scoil Maelruain Junior
  • Old Bawn Tallaght, Dublin 24.

Download an image of our New Proclamation Download


The following people from our school community worked on producing our New Proclamation.

The teachers and children in Second Class


The following themes are important to our school

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