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Saint Brigid's N.S

Saint Brigid's N.S
Castleknock, Co. Dublin

This week's Star Site

 A deserving Star Site that embraces technology to communicate, share teaching methodologies and advice on learning resources.

All pupils both past, present and future have a true sense of belonging within St. Brigid's school website. Pupils of the future are supported digitally through their transition to primary school. This support is available through a virtual school tour prior to visiting, images of all available facilities, rooms for 2016 announced on the noticeboard, a picture of all staff so that pupils know where to go and who to go to.

Present pupils have their own learning zones for each subject where they can go to get learning resources to help them on their learning journey. Each class group has a blogging area where pupils and teachers can blog about their learning experiences. Videos of pupil experience can be put under lock-down by using a password function if pupils do not want to appear publicly on the website.

A distinctive feature within the website is their history section. The history section has been creatively presented that it appears as if the present pupils have travelled through time. Pupils are seen participating in the olden school and olden activities. Real research has taken place into the historical facts with past pupils and principals playing a major role in the "Moment in Time" movie clip created on vimeo. Pupils in this school have a true sense of belonging within their school website.

Visitors and parents are also supported through the website design. The design allows for easy navigation and the graphics represent the schools identity. Visitors can visualise the school policies or click for more details. Parents have their own specific tab to find information and forms. Parents can even pay online through an epayment system or find answers to questions through the FAQ area.

Communication with the outside world can happen through their noticeboard, Facebook, twitter, vimeo or flickr accounts. There are some excellent teaching methodology vimeo video worthy of checking out as pupils explain and demonstrate how to play numeracy games very calm and clearly.

St. Brigid's National School, Castleknock, Dublin.

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Scoilnet's much-coveted Star Site award recognises those schools that are embracing the web as a communication tool.

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