Stories from 'In-Home' curated by Aoife McDonnell

Christmas Time

Santa Clause existed in this McDonnell generation. (1940 +)

'  Every Christmas Eve, stockings would be tied around the back of the kitchen chairs. Santa Clause would leave bread, butter and maybe a musical instrument. There were nine children in our family. We each got one sweet in the stocking.

If you were not good during the year, there was the fear of getting a sod of turf in the stocking. 

The decorations around the house at Christmas time was holly. The best holly was picked from the trees. The best holly was the holly with the most red berries on them. The holly would then be placed above the picture frames in the house - mainly in the kitchen. 

The biscuits would be kept in the biscuit tin and the tea-cups hanging up.  '

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