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Hazards - Shipwrecks

Navigation in the past was dangerous due to poorly surveyed coastal waters. Many ships ran aground close to the coastline on rocks, coral reefs or on other shipwrecks. As part of the INFOMAR survey operations, INFOMAR has surveyed a number of shipwrecks.

Students can investigate the reasons for some of these shipwrecks using the interactive INFOMAR shipwreck map. Why not start with the shipwreck on the Shannon river estuary. Can your class identify the name of this wreck and the reason for this ship sinking?

In mapping the shipwrecks, INFOMAR is also assisting the protection of the shipwrecks. Historic wrecks are attractive to maritime archaeologists because they preserve historical information. Future generations can look back at these shipwrecks and appreciate the historical associations they might have had. There is even potential for these maps to lead to maritime heritage tourism.

Teachers can use this lesson plan with an accompanying worksheet to investigate shipwreck data from around the Irish coast.

3D Models of Shipwrecks

Zoom into the map above and click on a shipwreck symbol to find details on a shipwreck; the date it sank, water depth and the coordinates of its location.

Key for the Shipwrecks:
The 3D models allow students to explore the model of the shipwreck from different perspectives. To access the 3D models, click on a red shipwreck symbol from the surveyed shipwrecks using the interactive map above and click the 'View 3D Model' option. This will open the 3D model for a specific shipwreck. Alternatively, you can view all the INFOMAR 3D models here.

Shipwrecks Story Map

Take a tour through INFOMAR's online story map exhibition that guides students through the shipwrecks mapped in the Irish waters. 
The shipwrecks in this exhibition include; HMS Guide Me II, SS Ydun, SS Folia, RMS Lusitania, U-260, MV Kowloon Bridge, SS Manchester Merchant, SS Premier, MFV Ogano and SS Roscommon.  

Challenge your class to create a similar map for five more shipwrecks. Students could use the shipwreck PDF documents below as a reference and to identify the shipwreck location using the coordinates provided in the PDF.

Tales and Folklore around Shipwrecks

Marine geologist, Charise McKeon tells the tales associated with the shipwreck UC 42 off the coast of Roches Point. On the 10th September 1917, the ship UC 42 was accidentally sunk and went unnoticed until the 31st October. As a class, watch the video clip and record the strange experiences that happened during the survey of the wreck.

Shipwreck sites are of high archaeological importance and they could benefit the Irish economy in terms of an increase in tourism. People in local communities around Ireland could have many great stories to tell and share about shipwrecks documented by INFOMAR.

If your school is situated close to an associated shipwreck, ask your class to complete a Threads project on the shipwreck. As part of the project, students could interview or document stories associated with a shipwreck. Alternatively, students could investigate the differences between navigation in 1917 to the present day. Threads is an online space where students can complete and store their projects online. Begin the project by setting up your class on the Threads website, here.

Shipwrecks– Click to Download

Explore the INFOMAR PDF documents below using each of the named shipwrecks. Students can investigate the shipwrecks by reading the information on the vessel history, details of the sinking and the dive information. INFOMAR have also included the imagery used throughout their shipwreck data collecting process. Students could use the coordinates of each shipwreck to plot the shipwrecks on their own map.
Bougainville Cooray Crusader Etal Manor
Hellenis HMS Vanguard La Surveillante
Marley MV Bolivar Queen Victoria RMS Leinster
Rask RMS Lusitania Sir Charles Napier South Arklow Guillemot
SS Akassa SS Atxeri Mencli SS Bandon SS Fern
SS Folia SS Hare SS Harvard SS Lynburn
SS Manchester Engineer SS Manchester Merchant SS Muirchu SS Pegu
SS Polwell SS Premier SS Topax SS Vesper
SS WM Barley SS YDun UC-42 U 58
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