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Social Skills and Personal Qualities

Positive social skills and personal qualities have been identified as important elements of physical literacy across the world and can add to an individual’s motivation and confidence.   There are numerous social skills and qualities which can impact on motivation and confidence in PE, but also in other wider physical activity as well as daily life.   3 key skills and qualities related to motivation and confidence in PE in the Irish context have been identified.  These include commitment, fair play and teamwork. These three skills and qualities are not designed to be exhaustive and you may wish to address other social skills and qualities which are of importance to the pupils in your class

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Other Social Skills & Personal Qualities Resources

Social Skills and Personal Qualities Activities

A sample list and categorisation of Move Well Move Often activities which may be used to develop each of the social skills and qualities of fair play, commitment and teamwork.

Children’s Books for Wellbeing

An exploration of picture books and novels which may support teaching and learning in PE and SPHE.  Specific examples of picture books to support the teaching of social skills and personal qualities such as fair play, commitment and teamwork are included.

Social Skill/Quality Discussion Prompt

Resource which can be used during group discussion to develop understanding and elicit from pupils what the skill/quality looks like, feels like and sounds like

Social Skills and Personal Qualities Video Clips

A compilation of open access video clips which may be used to exemplify social skills and personal qualities.  These clips may also provide a stimulus for discussing scenarios and dilemmas. 

Social Skills and Personal Qualities Posters

Posters which provide a sample breakdown of teaching points associated with the social skill and qualities of teamwork, commitment and fair play.  Click here to view an Irish version of these posters.

Teamwork Worksheet

Use this team building activity to help pupils develop their teamwork skills and team affiliation. Each team creates their name, colors, chants, celebration, flag and jersey on this worksheet.

Social Skills and Personal Qualities Assessment Templates

Self and peer assessment templates for the social skills and personal qualities of fair play, commitment and teamwork. 

Dare to Believe

This programme aims to inspire the young people of Ireland to ‘Dare to Believe’ in themselves through an interactive curriculum that explores the Olympic Values using Team Ireland role models to bring the messages to life. Click on the resource worksheets or click here to view the full resource and accompanying website

The Olympic Values and Fair Play

Designed by The Olympic Museum for teachers, this resource provides activities for 6-15 year olds to explore the concept of fair play.  Fair play Olympic case studies, worksheets and a fair play survey are all included in this resource.

Sport Values in Every Classroom

The mission of this toolkit is to assist teachers in their work to instil in children the values of respect, equity and inclusion through engaging activities.  It includes both movement and discussion based activities and a comprehensive set of activity cards and assessment suggestions for each value explored.

High Five Fair Play and Tolerance Activities 

This resource offers teachers’ 5 activity ideas for pupils to do in PE class or in the playground focussed on fair play and tolerance.  In each instance, one of the teams is secretly given an unfair advantage with opportunities for discussion. The activities are designed to help pupils’ foster team spirit and learn how to be fair to opponents and true to themselves.

Spirit of Sport

Explore the values of sport and build an understanding of fair play in sport, at school or at home with this get set for Tokyo resource.  Determination, respect, friendship, inspiration, equality and fair play are all explored individually in this resource which include sactivity guides, cards and worksheets. 

Move Well New Zealand

This resource contains activities which seek to create learning environments that encourage children to develop personal skills like fair play and equity as well as social skills like working co-operatively, inclusion and conflict resolution. The co-operative games and challenge games sections in particular lend themselves to social and personal skill development.

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