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Has your school reviewed the 1916 Proclamation?

Photo of the Original 1916 Proclamation

The Proclamation declared Ireland a Republic and laid down the vision for the country and its people going forward.

One hundred years later, how has this vision evolved? Are the wishes of the founders of the state still as relevant today as they were in 1916?  Do any of the visions need to be updated to take account of new and modern ways. 

Ask the students and teachers at your school what needs to be added or removed from the proclamation to make it relevant to them today and for the next 100 years. 

Together, write your school's version of the Irish Proclamation and get a teacher to login and add it to Scoilnet.

Paper Background Proclamation

The image produced for your school proclamation is low resolution as it is produced from a web page.
To re-produce a high resolution print copy, here are some tips for your printer.


We're using a background image.
The main colour has been optimised for web (Hex #ffffcc)
which converts to CMYK 1, 0, 24, 0.

Click in the image of the background. This will open the image. Right Click on the image and save as.


Fonts:  Various fonts were used for the printing of the original proclamation. Wooden letters were set-up on the printer, and a certain amount of improvisation was required. To read more about this see this blog post.

For the Scoilnet Proclamations, we used 'web-safe' fonts, both of which are Google Fonts and are available online.

For Headings we used Work Sans,sans-serif which can be found on Google.

For Body text we used Old Standard TT serif, which is also found on Google

For web the RGB is 51, 51, 51 which converts to CMYK 69, 63,62, 58.




Ready to add your school's Proclamation for a New Generation.

If you are the nominated teacher for your school, login  to your teacher dashboard and add your text.

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Looking for inspiration?  

Want to see what other schools think.  Browse the proclamations already submitted.

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