Getting in the light curated by toby

It started off with the priest thanking everyone coming and thanking the E.S.B me for setting up the electricity and then we got straight down to business. They had installed a switch in the wall. The priest asked for the youngest and oldest people. At this our family were chuffed as my sister was only one month old there for the youngest person in the town. As she and Marilyn who was the oldest person in the town walked up to the front there was a calm yet cheerful clap from the rest sitting in the church. Then the moment came. The priest lit the candle and then held my sister. Marilyn blew out the candle and there was a small clap, then all was silent. I could hear my heart beating, for a moment the world stood still. I couldn’t believe this was happening. After all these years of fires and candles. And then the priest gently pressed my little sister’s hand to the switch and there was light. Not a dark orange light from the fire, not the dim cream light from a candle. No this was something else. It illuminated across the room filling every nook and cranny, spilling over tabletops, glistening in the reflection of the windows. It brought joy to my eyes as it flooded the room because I knew that on this day my town had made history.