The switch curated by leoMc

 Aggust 17 1946 

Gorey CO.Wexford

We lived on a big 10 acre farm. We have 8 cows 8 bulls 120 sheeps and a large chicken run.

There are 7 people in my family. 

Our farmhouse is extremely cold and dark. 

I am just about to flick the switch,when I look at everyone. I see my Mum exhausted but she won't be anymore. My Dad is happy for the frist time since the WAR was over. My Granny and Grandad are more excited then I am. My Brother and Sister look like they are going to burst. 3 2 1 we all shout and I flick the switch. Then all of a sudden the light blub flickers and a bright light appeared. I am happy, wait no we all are.