getting in the light curated by lola

It was a late Sunday afternoon and we had just got our electricity source. We had just flipped the light switch to turn on the light. We were all very excited exept for my younger sister Catherine who didnt really know what was going on. She kept climbing up onto the arm of the couch and turning on and off the light. I was quite fustrating. "Catherine, stop doing that you're going to waste the light bulb and I'm not sure how to fix it"! My mother said sounding extremely irratated. She turned to me and said softly "Desmond, make Catherine stop turning on and off the light its extremely irratating and as you just heard me say she's going to waste the light bulb". i tried to get her to play on the foor but she kept climbin up on the arm of the couch again. I didnt want to lock her lock in her room but it was my only option. So I picked her up and put her in her room she seemed happy when she was in there until she realised there was no light switch in her room. She came running bak into the living room because I had desided not to lock her in room. My mother was asleep on the couch and Catherine climbed over her n to the arm of the couch and of course stared turning on and off the light.

Mother was very angry " No supper for you Catherine"! She exlaimed as she carried Catherine into her room

My little brother and other sister Clive and Lorna found it hilarious and they chanted " Cathy gets no supper! Cathy gets no supper"! 

but they certainly didnt find it as funny when mother shouted " No supper for you two either"! 


that story will never leave my mind!