getting in the light curated by connie

Hello i live  in castle bar co. Mayo,when i was a little girl my mom told me a story about  electricity when she was about my age. she told me that it took twice the work to do joys back then to now days. she told me that it took alot of sweat and hardwork to do things. my mom would help out with washing,dry clothes and many other things aswell she would help out a lot in the the village with other jobs she worked really hard aswell as going in to school she was a hard worker.but when electricity came to Castle Bar it was so much easier,it was so much easier that my mom had some spare time. it was also faster to do everthing it was the best. My mom told me that my grandad worked for the ESB ,he got lots of money but didnt just do it for the money he did it because he loved it and it was fun.He did it for many years and it was his life how could he give it up but then it cam to a time. he was old and a little sick so he had to give it up and retire.He tried him self to do things and try and gone cubs and ativites to pas time my mom mom who is my granny tried to help him too. She would play games with him to pass time too.