getting in the light curated by connie

Grandad tried his best but a few years later he gave up and couldnt do it any more. He was sad all of the time. His wife who is my granny to help him but it doesnt work, my mom who is his daughter try to help him to she would do funny faces and funny shows and would try to make jokes to make him happy again but it doesnt work.its so sad they dont want to see him like this and my mom was a lonly child so it was just the three of them they didnt want to lo.see him it was so bad.They think hes going to die of depresstion but 2 weeks later he got a call he answered it '' Hi,this the ESB we know u have retired and we were sad to see you go but we heard that you are a bit sad so we have decided that we are going to make an advisor if you want it '' ''Of course i would be your advisor i cant wait i am so thrilled thank you thank you ''. He told his wife and his daughter aka my mom and they were thrill and happy and feeling great, he felf vey inportant about be an invisor for the ESB his life was back and he was back the old happy friendly him and  all there lifes were back it was great and now are life is perfect.