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Aoife, the horriblest ( I know it is not a word ) sister ever, taunted me. It was as if she read my thoughts."Hey, Grainne, they are here to take you away from us. See, they are probably Police."

See what I meant? Anyway.

When I walked into the front yard, I saw HUGE poles in the ground.

"MAMMY!!!!!!!!!" I yelled. "Why are there poles everywhere?"

"Oh, hello dear, how was school? Good? Good. Oh yes, the poles are going to give us electricity. No more torning off the generator, we have electricity!!"

"WAHOO!" I exclaimed. "When will they come?"

"Tomorrow morning at eight o'clock."

"OK, I have to start my project. See you for dinner."

 So here I am. Tomorrow morning at  seven o'clock, the ESB are coming tp set up electricity poles and the other stuff they need. I have no idea what they will do, but it will take a long time. Well, around three days. And, tomorrow and the next day and the next day my school is getting electricity, so I  get three whole days off. That's lucky, eh?


This morning the men from the ESB came, so I scoffed my bread and jam down in a flash and ran out the door. I decided to call for my friend Mathew, and my friend Mary.