Let There Be Light..................................... curated by 2018

Mathew and Mary came outside with me and we strolled around. We were all inthe same class, and that's First Class. I will be seven in Febuary, but the others are seven already.

As we walked around the little village, we noticed a few houses had already got electricity. The Mooneys', the Duffys', and the O'Connells', had already got electricity, and they seemed very proud.

Mary's parents didn't want to get electricity. Mathew's house was getting fixed in two weeks. We disussed all this as we walked, our hats and scarves doing their best to protect us from the harsh winter air. I had to leave the house so as not to disturb the workers, and my friends were loyal so they played and talked with me. At around four o'clock, I realised that I was absolutely starving, so I headed home.


Today I was ushered out of the house at seven o'clock again, but I brough my chocolate bar that I bought in the shop with my pocket money that I saved up for weeks. Cadbury's. YUM. I still had two punts, so I put it in my shoe. It is a great way of storing small things.

Again I called for Mary and Mathew. We played penalty kicks, just like the big teams in Croke Park do, and I was amazing. HAHA. So, Mathew, girls can't play Gaelic Football? I beg to differ.

We went into the pub, Oliver's, and got three lemonades. We went outside, across to th riding centre, perched on the fence, and ate my chocolate and drank the lemonade, while watchong the beautiful horses.

We frittered away the time there, then, at four o'clock, we parted ways and went home.