Let There Be Light..................................... curated by 2018


Tonight the electricity will come on for us at six o'clock, so the ESB men (and as it turns out, there is one woman too, and she seemed nice. She says she is an electrician and part time waitress. She served us our lemonade a few times over the years) finished at half past four.  

This morning, at seven o'clock, I skipped out the door, a packet of mint humbugs clutched in my abnormally tiny hands. (No, really, it's unnerving!) I went to call for Mary, but Mathew was out in Clifden for the day as it was his granny's birthday.

Mary answered the door and she chatted to me for a good ten minutes.

"Hi Mary."

"Hello, Grainne, how are you?"

" I'm great! And you?"

" I am fine, thank you."

"Where's Mathew?"

"Oh, he's visiting his granny."

"Oh, yeah, he said he was going to."

"So..... What should we play?" 

"Daddy put up swings on the big trees in the front garden. I'll show you, come on."